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SD Truck Springs deals with unhappy or dissatisfied customers by threatening them with a lawsuit.


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This is the letter I sent to Brian C. Fritts of Firestone Industrial products, informing him of the evidence I discovered, demanding that Paul Fessel and Firestone Cease and Desist publishing fallacious information that supported the cover-up of facts, and requesting what he envisions we do to correct the records.


December 10, 2015

131 Pine Bluff Court

Kingsland, Georgia 31548

Via Electronic Mail

Brian C. Fritts, Esq.

Associate General Counsel

Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC

250 West 96th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46260

                    Re:     Dispute with SD Truck Springs

                         and Firestone Industrial Products

Greetings Mr. Fritts:

I retained Mr. Jody Ponsell, a Private Detective with Professional Investigative Resources to investigate the deceptive and arguably fraudulent activities, and subsequent cover-up facilitated by Firestone Industrial Products' customer, SD Truck Springs, your colleague, Mr. Paul Fessel, and other unnamed Firestone Industrial Products personnel cited by Mr. Fessel.  The physical evidence discovered conclusively establishes that my allegations have and remain correct.

It is demanded that Firestone Industrial Products, its employee, Paul Fessel and other Firestone personnel cited by Mr. Fessel CEASE AND DESIST in the perpetration of, and subsequent covering up of deliberate deceptive and arguably fraudulent activity and that it withdraw its deceptive and fallacious oratory regarding the Firestone Ride Rite Kit I purchased from SD Truck Springs.

SD Truck Springs sold a Firestone Ride Rite Kit to the undersigned, which it represented as new, and subsequently made deceptive misrepresentations to a number of organizations and government agencies listed below.  The kit that the undersigned received was a used, returned, resold, repackaged and reshipped kit, as I told you roughly five months ago.

Mr. Ponsell discovered the person to whom SD Tuck Springs sold and shipped the Firestone Ride Rite Kit originally, secured the original UPS shipping labels and the SD Truck Springs' packing slip.  Mr. Ponsell also had a detailed conversation with the original recipient of the kit, who confirmed all of the shipping dates, the UPS shipping information, the fact that he opened the kit, the fact that he opened the bag of hardware, discovered it did not fit on his vehicle, and that he returned the kit to SD Truck Springs.

I had filed complaints with at least the following:

1.     American Express

2.     The Georgia Attorney General

3.     The New York Attorney General

4.     The Indiana Attorney General

5.     The Long Island Better Business Bureau

6.     The United States Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia

7.     The United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York

8.     The Indiana Better Business Bureau

9.     The Federal Trade Commission

10.     The Kingsland, Georgia Police

In every instance and with every reply to my truthful complaints, Mr. Vincent Davi, President of SD Truck Springs provided fabricated and fallacious information, and he concealed material factual information, arguably to deliberately effect a conclusion that was patently inaccurate, but to the advantage of SD Truck Springs.

Furthermore, to bolster his fabricated claims, Mr. Davi provided the fallacious email concocted by Mr. Paul Fessel of Firestone Industrial Products, which stated that Firestone Industrial Products fundamentally certifies that the kit in question was new.  Mr. Fessel arguably conspired with his customer to perpetrate deceptive activities, and to provide information to government regulatory agencies, to facilitate, participate in, and cooperate in a continued scheme to unlawfully cover up said deceptive activity.

Kindly advise how you envision that we communicate updated and truthful information regarding these matters to the aforementioned organizations and government agencies.  Should I not receive an answer to this specific question within five (5) business days, I will reasonably conclude that you have no intentions or interest in correcting the falsified records with the truthful information.

Should you be unable to continue to represent your client because he has provided false and misleading information to his counsel, please advise.

Best regards,


David J. Koch

cc:     Bridgestone Firestone USA – Norma Davis

          Paul Fessel